Meet our Co-Creators

Pampamesayok Don Agustin Machacca Flores

Pampamesayok Don Agustine Machacca Flores

Don Agustin began his studies at the age of 16 when his grandfather, Altomesayok Manuel Machacca had a dream that the lineage would be passed on to him. At this time, Don Agustin had fallen ill and the coca leaves foretold that he would become strong again as soon as he entered into formal service to Pacha Mama.

He completed his aprenticeships at age 21 and has spent the last 30 years in service as a Pampamesayok. He learned about the sacred feminine from his grandmother Manuela Mendoza, and continues to bring a balanced heart that radiates goodness through all of his offerings.

Long before he knew there would be a global interest in Andean wisdom teachings, Don Agustin received a message while in the company of Altomesayok, Andres Espinoza Qapac. It said that he would be sharing Andean wisdom with people from all over the world. He is thrilled to see such a vision come to fruition, and is honored to share this medicine with deep trust and gratitude.

Andean Wisdom Keeper

Pampamesayok Luis Quispe Calcina

Pampamesayok Luis Quispe Calcina

Luis Quispe Calcina (pictured left) began his studies at the age of 15 and is wholely dedicated to the service of Pacha Mama and the Apus. His late grandfather, Altomesayok Manuel Quispe Calcina (pictured below), tought him a great deal about ceremony and spirituality. He received his Karpay (initiations) at Apu Wamanlipa from his father and grandfather, to whom he is profoundly grateful.

He shares the wisdom of his grandfathers with generous energy and great care. It is his intention to see the teachings of the Inca inspire peace and joy in the hearts of our global community.

Altomesayok Manuel Quispe Apaza

Andean Wisdom Keeper

Santos Machacca Apaza

Santos Machacca Apaza

Santos Machacca Apaza continues to study with his father Don Agustin, who is currently guiding him on a deep journey to step onto his path as Pampamesayok.

As the future lineage holder of the ancestral wisdom, he dedicates himself to Spanish and English translation to make these teachings more accessible to international students.

He has supported his father in sacred ceremony for many years and on multiple occasions traveled to Europe to share these teachings. He brings gentleness and laughter to our ceremonies and we are honored to have his support.

Facilitation and Psycho/Spiritual Support

Richard Wade Willis

Richard Willis has been studying various wisdom traditions of Peru since 2012. He is honored to be in collaboration with his trusted friends and teachers to co/create access to teachings that have had such a positive impact on his own life and well-being.

He has been leading groups into the mountains with Don Agustin for the past four years and brings his own expertise to aid in integration and support.

His background includes formal Western psychological education in dreamwork, somatic awareness, and counseling, as well as traditional plant dietas, meditative practice, and apprenticeships in the Shipibo and Q’ero traditions.

He is grateful for the opportunity to deepen his study of Q’ero medicine while facilitating learning for others.

Facilitation and Support

Laura Macdonald

Laura Macdonald

Laura was born in Australia and has been living in the Sacred Valley for a decade. Many of her favourite paths have been up very steep hills in the Andean mountains or “apus.”

Passionate about nature, it seems fitting that the medicine Laura has worked the most is “Huachuma,” the sacred grandfather San Pedro cactus.

With her partner, Laura has helped to lead many groups to the magical ruins of Choquequirao and mighty Ausangate, plus countless secret trails throughout the Valley. Urpillay sonqollay.