Hybrid Online/In-person Energy Medicine and Q’ero Mesa Course

Inca Mesa Yachay

Doors are closed for our 22-23 cohort. We do have openings for the in-person component of our course

Registration is now closed. You are invited to study with us online in 23-24 as part of our fourth annual cohort. Dates for 23-24 will be announced in July. Online classes are an excellent preparation for the 12-day in-person retreat in the mountains of Peru (June 6th-17th, 2023). This retreat will be the capstone of our online course and an opportunity to expand these teachings in the presence of the Apus.

Online Mesa Course:

Inca Mesa Llachay (6-Month Online Mesa Course) will meet bi-weekly on the first and third Friday of each month. The course begins on Friday, November 18th and ends on Friday, May 5th. We will be meeting at 1:00pm Cuzco time. This time is suited to accommodate participants living in Hawaii, the US, and Europe.

All sessions are recorded and made available after each meeting. Handouts and video summaries are provided to facilitate learning.

We happily welcome participants who are just beginning as well as those who have already trained in the Andean wisdom traditions.

Each of twelve, two-hour sessions will be facilitated from Quechua to Spanish and English.

Pay In Full: Cost is on a sliding scale from $777 to $999 USD. Please make your contribution based on your current financial situation.

We also accept payment via PayPal to richardwwillis@icloud.com or Venmo to richard-willis-95.

Monthly Payment Plan Options: Low Slide initial deposit of $350 USD plus 5 monthly payments of $100. Total $850.

High slide initial deposit of $350 plus 5 monthly payments of $140. Total $1050.

Mesa Cloth, bells, and ties: can be shipped for an additional cost of $200 USD. Package includes hand woven masculine + feminine cloth from Q’eros nation; two bells, and a sun tie.

Peruvian Residents may receive additional discounts upon request.

Scholarships are available for those who would otherwise be unable to pay for this course. Please email richardwadewillis@gmail.com to learn more.

Course Details: This is a foundational mesa course that is well-suited for beginner to intermediate mesa carriers. In addition to an in-depth study of Andean wisdom, course participants will:

  • Build a complete healing mesa for personal and professional use.
  • Learn energetic care practices.
  • Learn to conduct healing sessions and soul retrievals.
  • Gain a strong sense of center and stability by developing knowledge of the Andean Cosmo-Vision.
  • Learn how to create traditional earth offerings (despacho) that strengthen prayers and promote sacred reciprocity with the natural world.
  • Connect with spirit allies for communion, guidance, and support along the path.
  • Receive karpay (energetic transmissions and rites) that beautifully weave the blessings of Pachamama and the Q’ero lineage into one’s way of being and unique expression of service.
  • Detailed practice videos and assignments are included to help you embody these teachings so that they can be carried forward with skill and confidence.
  • Please be prepared to dedicate at least four hours per week to the course material and practices.
  • This course includes 24 hours of online teaching, 72 hours of suggested practice, and 120 in-person intensive hours.

We will meet bi-weekly for two-hours each session, totaling twelve sessions. During these sessions you will have the opportunity to connect with Pampamesayok Don Agustin Machacca Florez, Luis Quispe Calcinas and Santos Machaca Apaza in a small group setting. Course materials will be provided to aid in your integration of the material. Mesa cloths with bells and ties are available for $200 USD plus shipping.

This course is especially beneficial to those who wish to bring added energy and support into their personal and professional practice. It is open to those who wish to strengthen their connection to beautiful allies, learn powerful ways to strengthen prayer, and bring healing to themselves, their families, and the planet through ancestral practices and service to Pacha Mama. Others who would benefit include:

  • Energy Workers
  • Therapists
  • Healing Arts Practitioners
  • Mesa (medicine bundle) and pipe carriers.
  • Those with a strong meditation or subtle body practice.
  • Those who have worked extensively with plant medicines.
  • Those who wish to strenghten their connection with the Andean wisdom traditions.
  • Those who have worked previously with Don Augustin Machacca Florez
  • Those with a sincere wish to connect more deeply to Pacha Mama and the Apus.
  • Those who honor the indigenous wisdom traditions as a way of bringing healing and harmony to themselves, their family, their communities and the planet.

100% of funds received for mesa materials go directly to Q’ero weavers. 66% of course earnings go directly to our Q’ero teachers, and the other 33% compensates facilitators and organizers.

Additional Offerings: We recognize that integrating the Andean medicine and walking this path takes time. For this reason, we encourage lasting relationships with our teachers so that support is available for continued growth and maintained integrity of the tradition. Because karpay are traditionally transmitted in person, we also recommend receiving these rites face-to-face down the road. For this reason, we have created an in-person retreat designed for those who have completed the online course. Ultimately, our goal is to make sure participants have long-term access to support and continued learning with the lineage holders.


“A great experience full of depth and rich traditional teachings. Being in the presence of the Q’eros has helped me connect deeper with myself and the power of these sacred mountains all throughout Peru.


“The majestic experience with Don agustin, Santos and Richy was a highlight for me in my life path of healing. We rode on horseback in Ausangate. An eagle soared overhead and I can not find words to desribe the energy and beauty of the land, Simply in awe. Working with this friendly team of souls was and continues to be of benefit to me on this healing path, The gentleness, kindness, and willingess to share knowledge was such a gift. I highly recommend this experience. Don Agustin is gifted with a quiet demeanor and carries powerful connections. I hope to work again with this team soon. I received four karpay from Don Agustin. Each one knocked my socks off. Simply put, epic.”

-Mozelle Spencer

“Richy is a gifted counselor and therapist, highly perceptive, caring and empathic with a deep well of life experience and resources that are far beyond his years. He has always provided a fresh perspective and insight in our work together that brings clarity and understanding. He is able to challenge my limited views about myself with humour and compassion and I feel that no matter what challenges you are dealing with Richy will be a fantastic guide and support.”

-Alec Cotten

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