Integration and Support

Spirit Medicine Integration and Psycho-Spiritual Support

You will be safely supported and gently encouraged to meet all aspects of your experience with courage and loving presence. Witnessing you cut through limitations to reveal the truth of your being and life’s potential will be experienced with great joy!

The container of our groups and individual sessions is safely held to encourage deep psychological insight and a direct experience of inner-wisdom. You will be carefully guided through somatic awareness, dreamwork, and psycho-spiritual inquiry, depending on your needs and wishes for the session. Whatever comes forward will be met with compassion that is deeply informed by extensive work with plant medicines, meditative, and Andean Wisdom practices.

Plant Medicine Integration and Psycho-Spiritual Support $150 per Session

“Richy is a gifted counselor and guide, highly perceptive, caring and empathic with a deep well of life experience and resources that are far beyond his years. He has always provided a fresh perspective and insight in our work together that brings clarity and understanding. He is able to challenge my limited views about myself with humour and compassion and I feel that no matter what challenges and problems you are dealing with Richy will be a fantastic guide and support.”

-Alec Cotten

Q’ero Energy Healing Session with Don Agustin Machacca Florez $150 USD